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Hack Into God ANONYMOUS;CODE Release Date: 2023

ANONYMOUS;CODE is finally revealed.

This is the latest work by STEINS;GATE creator Chiyomaru Shikura, in collaboration with returning staff from the Science Adventure Series.

The suspense that takes hold at the end of a digital society, which everyone reading this is experiencing right now...

In the world where the boundary between digital and real has disappeared, you will be one of the ANONYMOUS.

If this world is a are a mob!

STAFF Planning and Original Work: Chiyomaru Shikura  Producer: Tatsuya Matsubara  Scenario: Naotaka Hayashi / Ayano Suehiro  Character Design: Haruhisa Nakata  Art Design: Fumihiro Kitabara  Music: Takeshi Abo

This story takes place in Nakano, Tokyo, in 2037.

2037. Nakano, Tokyo. Pollon Takaoka and his best friend Cross Yumikawa make a living as a pro hackers wherever they can—wherever hasn't been affected by the "Sad Morning" disaster that occurred February 6th, 2036.

One day, Pollon declares he is going to "elope," despite the fact that he is single. However, he meets a mysterious girl called Momo in a place no one is supposed to be...

Suddenly, mysterious assailants appear and chase after Momo.

During the escape, Pollon receives the "Save & Load" app which allows him to save data and start over just like a video game. Little does he realize this is only the beginning...

The mysterious, genius hacker "Cicada 3301" who organizes a series of "Quests" that seem impossible to solve. The "Gai Institution" that reactivated the earth simulation which was supposed to be frozen. The agents of Vatican's "Holy Office 513," working behind the scenes...

Pollon is thrown into numerous plots as a result of his encounter with Momo, and faces a major event that shakes the world.

What truth awaits you when you use hacking, saving, and loading?

Hack the myriad branches of reality and "load" the ending that saves the world!

This is the story of the hackers who will rewrite the future.


Pollon Takaoka (Pollon)

Pollon Takaoka (Pollon) English VA: Max Mittelman Japanese VA: Shoya Chiba

The main character of the game. Pollon helped form a two-man team named "Nakano Symphonies" that helps people in need in Nakano, Tokyo. His dream is to be a cool hero that everyone longs for. He works as a hacker just to earn a living. His hacking ability is not really the greatest, however, he is a fearless white hat hacker who sneaks into various places and gets information by playing mind games. He is 16.
Anons with bright futures, who can't sit idly by when someone's in need. That's what Nakano Symphonies is all about!
Momo Aizaki (Momo)

Momo Aizaki (Momo) English VA: Anaiaris Quinones Japanese VA: Shiina Natsukawa

The heroine of the game. Momo met Pollon by accident, as "a girl he eloped with but was not supposed to." Someone is chasing her, and Pollon is helping her evade them. She is a mysterious girl with an unknown identity and age. She had no digital gadgets when she first met Pollon, as she isn't very familiar with them.
I'm sorry, but I've been hiding something from you! I'm on the run!
Cross Yumikawa (Cross)

Cross Yumikawa (Cross) English VA: Y. Chang VA: Tomokazu Sugita

Pollon's best friend and the other member of Nakano Symphonies. He is talented at gathering and analyzing information. He uses this skill to aid Pollon on jobs. He is also a skilled hacker. He is sort of like an older brother to Pollon. He is 17.
You always get carried away. It's a blessing and a curse.
Wind Maki

Wind Maki English VA: AJ Beckles Japanese VA: Hiroyuki Takanaka

A 16-year-old high school student. As much as he likes Pollon and Cross, he hasn't joined their team because he wants to become Nakano's one and only info broker. Though overly friendly, he has a cheerful and pleasant personality, and always manages to see the best in people. He is madly in love with his AI character on an app.
Good news! I got some awesome new info!
Tengen Ozutani

Tengen Ozutani English VA: Keith Silverstein Japanese VA: Shunsuke Sakuya

A self-proclaimed jack of all trades who started a detective agency in Nakano several years ago. Though he looks like a tired old man, he possesses excellent research and negotiation skills. He is aware that he is old fashioned, and he doesn't want to wear a BMI. He is well versed in occultism, urban legends, and conspiracy theories. He is 37.
It's not like the stink's gone. Everyone's just puttin' a tarp over the mess and pretending it's clean.
Nonoka Hosho

Nonoka Hosho English VA: Lisa Reimold Japanese VA: Hina Kino

Tengen Ozutani Detective Agency's genius hacker-slash-gadgeteer who is ten years old. Despite her looks, she is a cheeky girl who isn't scared of adults. She has utter confidence in her abilities. Because of her cheerful personality, she has many friends at school.
All right, you can count on me! The cutest, geniusest girl in the world!
Liddie Kumar

Liddie Kumar English VA: Anita Kalathara Japanese VA: Kaede Kujyo

A 28-year-old associate of Viktor Chondria University Mathematics Institute. A self-proclaimed math evangelist, she loves analyzing phenomena mathematically. She is a media darling, not only as a mathematician but as a model and a singer as well.
My goal's to share the wonders of mathematics with the world!
Bambi Kurashina

Bambi Kurashina English VA: Cassandra Lee Morris Japanese VA: Ayano Yamamoto

A member of the Cyber Force Dolls, an idol group promoting the TMPD Cyber Security Division's Cyber Countermeasures Office. She became a police officer in April and has only been out in the field for a few months. An energetic 19-year-old who always gives it her all, but is a bit careless. On top of the daily police training, she practices being an idol.
We're actual police officers! You can become our fan anytime you want, young man♪
Riko Sawai

Riko Sawai English VA: Xanthe Huynh Japanese VA: Haruka Okaki

A 19-year-old police officer assigned to the Cyber Security Division, and is one year senior to Bambi. She was forced to enter the audition for the Cyber Force Dolls and ended up becoming a member. However, it is part of her job, so she is putting her best effort into it.
Hey Bambi, stop playing around. Let's get to work.
Iroha Kyogoku

Iroha Kyogoku English VA: Emi Lo Japanese VA: Mariko Honda

The oldest member of the Cyber Force Dolls and the most senior police officer. She is a friendly person and has a managerial role. Even though she is calm and has a gentle demeanor, she has solid self-confidence and is not distracted by other people's opinions. She is 21.
The chief'll get mad at you if you don't take this seriously.
Kaoru Samezu

Kaoru Samezu English VA: Daman Mills Japanese VA: Yoji Ueda

Chief of the TMPD Cyber Security Division's Cyber Countermeasures Office who performs idol producer duties at the behest of the upper echelons of the TMPD. He handles any situation flexibly, despite his serious looks and mannerism. A brilliant hacker back when he was a student, he joined the Cyber Security Division and was immediately recognized for his ability and was promoted to chief. He is 27.
Always remember to wear your cute smile.
Asuma Soga

Asuma Soga English VA: Erica Mendez Japanese VA: Natsumi Fujiwara

Gai Institution's head researcher of the Earth simulator GAIA who is only 14. He is not a public figure and his existence is kept hidden. Quirky and arrogant, he thinks highly of himself and cares not for incompetent individuals, whether they are enemies or allies.
Always remember to wear your cute smile.
Ewan Okuda

Ewan Okuda English VA: Kaiji Tang Japanese VA: Kenjiro Tsuda

Gai Institution's engineer and Asuma's assistant. He acknowledges Asuma's talent and diligently follows his orders, despite his sarcasms and ridicules. He is 32 years old.
Always remember to wear your cute smile.
Graham Kingley

Graham Kingley English VA: Bill Butts Japanese VA: Taiten Kusunoki

A 42-year-old military officer assigned to the Special Forces Group of the JUSDF (in 2031, the US Army and the Japan Self-Defense Forces joined together in an effort to strengthen the alliance between two nations). He receives top-secret orders from Ministry of Defense officials, and commands the unit that protects the Gai Institution and Asuma.
Always remember to wear your cute smile.




Saving and Loading

Cooperation between you—the Player—and Pollon is the key to success!

Advise Pollon on when to Save and Load.
Your choices and Pollon's actions determine the outcome of the story.

Hacking Trigger

An interactive, branching scenario system

Instead of a conventional story system, the Player uses their own judgment and
the Hacking Trigger to guide Pollon's action, helping him through branching story routes.

Manga Trigger

Manga-style visuals

Key moments in the story, often resulting from your Hacking Trigger,
are portrayed as unique, manga-style motion comics.





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Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
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  • Voice: English, Japanese
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September 8, 2023
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