The Sin of Pursuing Your Ego

The Revenants that fight in Purgatory were all once human. When you defeat a Revenant, their painful death cries pierce your ears. Their cries linger on as Torments, slowly draining Rei's heart.

Catharsis: Weep to Gain Strength

When she returns to her room, Rei can grieve for the Souls she's defeated through weeping to purify herself from their Torments. By crying for their pain and her sins, she can grow stronger and create Sentiments she can equip for Purgatory.

Combat, Action, and Tears

The Tear Gauge increases whenever you take or deal damage.
Once it reaches MAX, you can cry.
Crying will unlock your Guardian Mode, allowing you to summon your Guardian.
While your Guardian is summoned, you can use special abilities and fight to your full potential.


The manifestation of an Executor's Idea.
They protect their master by performing counterattacks when their master is attacked.
The nearer their master is to death, the stronger the Guardian grows.
Whenever a character is low on health the chance of their Guardian appearing increases.

Memoirs of the Dead

Collect Idea from the Torments of defeated Revenants to obtain more than 90 different memoirs of their past lives.

Rei's Room


Listen to all the BGM created by Sakuzyo in the game by selecting Music.

Phone Calls

Use the smartphone to interact with your allies, even in the real world.


Sentiments are the manifestation of an Executor's Idea within Purgatory.
There are three types: Aggressive Sentiments, Protective Sentiments, and Bolstering Sentiments.
Collect Sentiments by purifying Torments.

Fuse Sentiments

By using two of the same named Sentiments and spending Thoughts (Crystals) you can power up your Sentiments.
More words appear on your equipment when you Fuse Sentiments.

Modify Sentiments

Some Sentiments have Slots, which you can Bestow Abilities by spending Thoughts. These abilities appear randomly, and include Physical ATK UP, Physical DEF UP, and auto healing. These abilities continue to improve as the game progresses.


You can collect Essence by discarding Sentiments or defeating Revenants.
Essence can be used to purchase healing or boosting items from the Peddler in Purgatory.

Four Playable Characters

Switch freely between four Executors during battle.
Choose the right Executor for your current situation.

  • Rei Hatada

    One-handed Sword
    All-round Fighter

    A well-rounded character whose Sentiment weapon is a one-handed sword.
    She is relatively easy to play.

  • Kokoro Fudoji

    Powerful Blows

    A heavy-hitter type whose Sentiment weapons are fists.
    She attacks using short combos which deal heavy amounts of damage.
    Her fighting style is short ranged. She is not adept at fighting multiple enemies at once.

  • Sen Megumiba

    Dual Blades
    Combo Attacks

    A swift, combo-based warrior who fights with twin blades.
    While individually her hits don't deal much damage, her strength shines in landing combos.
    Her stats are high when she first joins the party, but her growth rate is slow.

  • Nanana

    Long Range
    Aberrant Form

    A long-range character who fights with office supplies.
    She specializes in spells and has high magic attack and defense.
    Since she is dead, she has no Guardian. Instead, she enters into an Aberrant Transformation.