Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Kid

Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Kid


Explore the wonder of the Japanese countryside!
Satoru, the son of a circus ringmaster, just arrived in a seaside town surrounded by nature.
Enjoy a special summer in rural Japan, where you’ll meet many people and have amazing experiences!


The entire town is yours to explore
Yomogi Town is an open world environment in which you can go to various locations without loading times or screen changes. Swim in the sea, climb up the mountain, take a train to the neighboring town… Immerse yourself in this seamless world as you go on your adventure!

Fun activities in a town rich with nature
Fish, catch bugs, swim, climb trees, explore, and solve mysterious cases with the local kids… Your options are endless! And don’t forget to record your fun memories with drawings and words to complete your very own picture diary.

Townspeople have their own plans for the day
One of the game’s key features is the ability to interact with both the people who live in town and your fellow circus troupe members, all of whom have their own schedules. Adults may be busy working during the day, but during evenings or days off, you might learn something new about them. Some folks may be in tricky spots too, so talk to them often and help those in need.

Plenty of events for you to experience
A variety of events such as the morning exercises, summer festival, and fireworks show await you this summer. The circus is another big event, but there seems to be some kind of issue… It may be up to you to turn the show into a big success.

The circus troupe
As you spend your summer days in town, you will be asked to direct the circus. Pick the acts and music for a successful show. The troupe will gain experience and rank up as they perform each evening, enabling you to add more acts to the show. New acts, costumes, and music tracks will also become available. As the future ringmaster (maybe), help the circus troupe grow!

Yomogi Town
This game takes place in a location surrounded by the sea and the mountains, rich with nature. Yomogi Town, where you’re staying this summer vacation, is small but has its own shopping district and a supermarket. There are many interesting places to visit around town as well, such as a harbor, a lighthouse, a factory with tall chimneys, and a castle on a mountain.


Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Kid
Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Kid
Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Kid
Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Kid
Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Kid