By sceditor on June 18, 2020 6:42 PM

An all-new free DLC for Fire Pro Wrestling World is now available! Read on for information and links to product pages.

About Fire Pro Wrestling World - Move Craft

Have you ever wanted to see a certain move added to Fire Pro? Now’s your chance! Tweak existing moves or build new ones from scratch with this DLC tool set. The future of Fire Pro is in your hands!

*DLC required to download and upload custom moves to Fire Pro Net and the Steam Workshop.

*Edit wrestlers containing custom moves can’t be used in online matches.

*This DLC is similar to actual developer tools and has a steep learning curve.

*Custom moves may not work as intended if their attributes are incompatible with the game system.

*Moves that use settings and attributes in ways other than originally intended may cause game to freeze.

We've prepared a series of tutorial videos to help you learn the ropes of this robust dev tool, please check out this playlist to learn more! You may also read the manual on the official product homepage.


Playstation®4 DLC Page
Steam® DLC Page