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Save Big on Select Spike Chunsoft, Inc. Titles During the PlayStation™ Store Holiday Sale

By sceditor on December 20, 2021 8:55 PM
The PlayStation™ Store Holiday Sale has arrived. Players in North America and Europe can save up to 60% on these hit Spike Chunsoft, Inc. titles for PS4™ from January 5 to January 19, 2022. Visit the PlayStation Store for details. Danganronpa 1•2 Reload - 60% Off Hope's Peak Academy—home to the nation's best and brightest high school students...and your new prison. You and your clas...

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428: Shibuya Scramble Patch Notes

By sceditor on October 24, 2018 11:04 AM
Thanks for all your feedback! A new patch for 428: Shibuya Scramble is out! Please download and install the patch before you play.   Patch Notes (1.01): [General] Fixed various script issues. [Specific] TEXT: TIP header text sometimes does not fit on screen. TEXT: TIP "flyers" tab broken in scenario TEXT: "Flyers" TIP page is blank. FREEZE: "Tabasco" tip: Leaving T...

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