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428: Shibuya Scramble Patch Notes

By sceditor on October 24, 2018 11:04 AM
Thanks for all your feedback! A new patch for 428: Shibuya Scramble is out! Please download and install the patch before you play.   Patch Notes (1.01): [General] Fixed various script issues. [Specific] TEXT: TIP header text sometimes does not fit on screen. TEXT: TIP "flyers" tab broken in scenario TEXT: "Flyers" TIP page is blank. FREEZE: "Tabasco" tip: Leaving T...

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PixelJunk Monsters 2 Update

By sceditor on September 12, 2018 6:10 PM
Patch 1.03 Update The Weekly Stage and the Random Stage have been added for Nintendo Switch (NA &EU) and PS4 (NA)! Play infinite variations!   - About the Weekly Stage Discover a new stage every week and use your imagination to find the best strategy to survive the new hordes of monsters invading your domain. Clear the Weekly Stage to get a new Mask or Shell. You can als...

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Fire Pro Wrestling World Patch Release Notes

By sceditor on August 28, 2018 6:00 AM
Now you can build your dream match! Fire Pro Wrestling World is out now! Please make sure to download and install the patch before you play. Patch Release Notes (1.08): *NOTE: Version number now consistent across all regions. Fixed issue where wrestler's theme would not play after a match. The following moves were added: ECorner-to-Center Attack (BIG): Running Elbow Butt EFron...

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