Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Twitch Stream with Kazutaka Kodaka!

By sceditor on March 7, 2023 10:00 AM

Spike Chunsoft, Inc. is having a Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Twitch stream on March 24, 2023, from 2pm PDT with Kazutaka Kodaka at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco!

Your question might be answered by Kodaka during the stream! Please submit your question through this form (Link).

Please keep the following in mind.

  • 1 question per person please.
  • Please keep the question related to Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE.
  • The livestream is only for 1 hour. We may not have enough time to answer all questions.
  • Your Twitter handle may be read during the livestream. If you do not want your Twitter handle to be read, please leave the section blank.
  • Your question should be submitted by 3/14 PT.