Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Localized Release Changes

By sceditor on February 28, 2019 11:44 AM

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning comes to the PlayStation 4 and Steam on April 9, 2019!

Pre-order the retail version now to secure your copy of the Day 1 Edition, which includes the Zanki Zero: Last Beginning Survival Soundtrack, a physical soundtrack with over 30 tracks from the game. The game releases on April 9, 2019. More info here:


We would like to inform the community about the following additions are included in the localized release:

  • Japanese Swimsuit DLC included in-game
  • Dual audio option (Choose from English or Japanese)
  • Overall game balance and UI improvements
    • Applied since the initial release (Patch 1.01-1.03)


    • Added New Game+
    • Skill points, Shigabane, Clione, Sound Player, and Extend Machine SCORE carry over into new game


    • Overall enemy power adjusted
    • Reduced damage when knocked into a wall by enemy attacks
    • Reduced SCORE points lost when returning to Base from a Ruins or after Game Over
    • Items picked up while inventory is full automatically move to another character's inventory
    • Shortcut to move items from party member to sub-member
    • Upon using a co-op Charge Attack, cooldown time will not be applied to characters who did not attack
    • Materials can stack up to x99 items in one slot (Does not apply to weapons/armor)
    • Boss respawn time reduced by half as many days
    • More water bottles appear on Garage Island
    • Shorter loading time for certain events
    • Fixed some tutorials
    • Items that disappear after being dropped in an area with too many items will now re-appear on Garage Island's beach
    • Added "Days Elapsed" tracker in system menu
    • Weapons and armor that could not be used by certain age groups modified so they can now be used by all ages, though ATK and DEF will be reduced to 1/4 (This penalty can be eliminated with certain skills)
    • Other minor fixes and adjustments
    • Included in Day 1 US release, and planned in a patch for the Japanese release:
    • New skills
    • Difficulty I: Lowered difficulty to allow players to focus on story and puzzle-solving (other difficulties have not been modified)


To ensure a release for the West, changes were made to comply with the Western market. These content changes will also be included in the localized PlayStation®4 and Steam® (PC) versions. To reduce content which could be interpreted as sexualization of characters depicted as minors, the following changes have been made:

  • PlayStation®4 Packaging art
    • In order to conform to public storefront display standards, images that can be interpreted as too sexually provocative must be modified.
  • Sachika Bedroom Scene CGIs
    • In the Japanese release, Sachika's panties are visible. In the Western release, Sachika is wearing pajama bottoms.
  • Sachika CGI in the Opening Scene
    • In the Japanese release, Sachika's panties are visible. In the Western release, the camera angle has been raised to not show Sachika's panties.
  • Child Rinko Extend Machine CGI
    • In the Japanese release, Child Rinko covers her chest with her arms. In the Western release, the position of her arms has been adjusted.
  • All “Child” bedtime event cutscenes removed