Steam®Deck Compatibility List

By sceditor on March 8, 2022 6:53 PM

Here is a current list of Spike Chunsoft games that have been reviewed by Valve for Steam®Deck compatibility and have received a Deck Compatibility Status of either Verified or Playable. A Verified title is a game that according to Valve is “fully functional on Steam Deck, and works great with built-in controls and display.” A Playable title is considered “functional on Steam Deck, but might require extra effort to interact with or configure.” For details, please be sure to check the Steam store.



Valve’s Steam Deck review team is testing more games every day. To check the status of the games in your Steam library that have been tested so far, visit Steam’s Your Games: Steam Deck Compatibility page. We'll also continue to update this list as title statuses become available.