Fire Pro Wrestling World Patch Release Notes

By sceditor on December 20, 2018 2:00 AM

Now you can build your dream match! Fire Pro Wrestling World is out now! Please make sure to download and install the patch before you play.

Patch Release Notes (1.23): *NA only. EU coming soon.

  • Fixed issue preventing you from adding new wrestlers to Fire Promoter save data.
  • Fixed issue where attempting to create a new team would result in an error under certain circumstances.

Patch Release Notes (1.22): 

  • Fixed issue where "New Japan Pro-Wrestling 2018 Wrestler Pack" DLC wrestlers would not appear if you had deleted their parent team, NEW JAPAN.
  • DLC wrestlers now appear under "Retired" section.
  • Fixed issue where wrestlers would be moved into a different stable after their parent team was deleted.
  • Fixed issue where wrestlers would not correctly display if you deleted a team after watching the title screen demo.

Patch Release Notes (1.21): 

  • Fixed issue where Shingo Takagi's voice clips would not play.
  • Fixed issue where Yujiro Takahashi's voice clips were incorrectly timed.

*NOTE: If you edit or remove a DLC wrestler from their assigned Stable, they will be reassigned to the [Retired] section.

Patch Release Notes (1.20): 

  • Added support for DLC: “New Japan Pro-Wrestling 2018 Wrestler Pack.”
  • When editing a wrestler’s date of birth, the day will no longer automatically reset unless date conflicts with calendar date.
  • Fixed issue where “FPW NET” would display on Workshop registration screen.
  • Fixed issue where NJPW wrestlers from unpurchased DLC could possibly appear to interfere with match (run-in).
  • Added red border to Ring selection menu.
  • Fixed issue where character voices for all wrestlers would stop working if a NJPW wrestler’s voice was set for Voice 1 in Edit Mode.
  • Fixed issue in Moveset menu where, if wrestler is using an unusable move from unpurchased DLC (displayed in red), that move slot would remain red even after switching to a usable move.
  • Improved performance in menus with a large number of wrestlers (such as Team Edit).
  • Adjusted volume of entrance themes.

Patch Release Notes (1.19): 

This patch enables the player to upload custom tracks to the BGM Import for use as Theme Music and Match BGM.

To use this feature:

1) Place the MP3 files you want to import on a USB storage device in the directory MUSIC/FPW and connect it to the PlayStation®4.

2) Go to Options from the Main Menu and select BGM Import.

3) Select Import MP3.

4) The MP3s will then be selectable as entrance theme music in Wrestler Edit and as Match BGM music in match Settings.

Patch Release Notes (1.18): 


  • Fixed issue where application would freeze if host had a communication error after a match.
  • Fixed issue where chat log would sometimes carry over when you changed rooms.
  • Fixed issue where certain wrestler parts would sometimes not display on the wrestler select screen.


  • Fixed issue where application would crash if you tried adding new wrestlers to existing save data after renaming the SWA promotion.
  • Fixed issue where, if a promotion went bankrupt, the previous month results for promotions below them on the list would not display properly.


  • Fixed issue where application would sometimes crash when overwriting an edit wrestler with the move Corner European Uppercut.

Patch Release Notes (1.17): 


  • Fixed issue where CPU wrestlers would not do their entrance performance.

Patch Release Notes (1.16):


  • Improved online network connectivity for up to four players.
  • Fixed issue where connection may desync between rounds.

[Fire Promoter]

  • Can now add new edit wrestlers to an ongoing session.
  • Increased maximum Edit Points to 383.
  • Added Feud system where wrestlers within same promotion or stable may develop a rivalry. Booking rivals will increase audience turnout.
  • When a promotion goes bankrupt, their signed wrestlers will be reassigned to the Free Agent pool.

[Fighting Road]

  • You can now export your edit wrestler created in Fighting Road.

Patch Release Notes (1.15):

If your Fire Promoter data contains a Workshop wrestler and that Workshop wrestler is updated with parts from a DLC you do not own, you will now be able to continue to use your save data as normal.

Patch Release Notes (1.14): 


  • Fixed issue where match clock would not display in a timed battle royal
[New Moves]
  • Front Grapple (MED) : Low Blow
  • Front Grapple (BIG) : Knuckle Arrow Rush
  • Front Grapple (BIG) : Knuckle Arrow Rush B
  • Back Grapple (SML) : Rainmaker Through
  • Running at Downed Opponent : Layout Style Sunset Flip
  • Opponent Down - Face Up, Near Legs : Campana

Patch Release Notes (1.13):

[Fire Promoter DLC]

  • Fixed issue when using wrestlers with certain Country/Region settings.
  • Fixed issue caused when sending a scout out without selecting a region.
  • Fixed issue preventing title matches.

Patch Release Notes (1.11 and 1.12):

Fixed text bugs.
Fixed issue with Irish Whip logic.
Fixed issue where tag partner would not interfere late in a match.

Patch Release Notes (1.10):


  • Fixed issue where Tournaments would sometime freeze.
  • Fixed issue where Tournaments and Leagues would freeze on the wrestler select screen if there was a stable with 0 wrestlers.
  • Fixed issue where if you renamed a Finishing Move in the Moveset Menu, the name would reset when you opened the Wrestler Appearance menu.
  • Fixed display error with wrestler DOB and COUNTRY/REGION.
  • Moveset Menu: Fixed issue with certain “Run Up Turnbuckle” preview animations.

[CPU Logic]

  • Wrestler will no longer tag out after Irish whipping an opponent (while opponent is running).
  • In a tag team match, if an inactive wrestler cuts in and the match ends while they are in the ring, they will no longer leave the ring.
  • If the CPU wins, they now hold the pin/submission for a second before releasing.

[New Moves]

  • Back Grapple (Big) : Smith Special
  • Front Grapple (Big): Taichi Style Gedo Clutch


Patch Release Notes (1.09):


  • Improved wrestler model load times.
  • Reduced menu slowdown.
  • Improved load times when selecting wrestlers for Exhibition and Battle Royal modes.
  • Improved load times when selecting wrestlers for Tournament and League modes.
  • Can now assign a Second for an Exhibition title match.
  • Fixed issue where results of a Title Match would not properly display.
  • Fixed menu display issues in League mode.
  • Fixed issue where a title holder protected the belt, even if they lost, when the match ended in a draw, ring out, or DQ.
  • Fixed issue in League mode where, in a tag-team title match for a league with one block, only one wrestler would become champion.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect finishing move would display on results screen when match ended with a Move Stealer/Okite Yaburi.


  • Fixed issue where CPU wrestlers would stop tagging their partner late in the match.
  • Fixed issue where CPU wrestlers would stop moving if two CPU wrestlers were on the apron at the same time.
  • Fixed issue where CPU wrestler would continue to attack downed opponent after a match.
  • Fixed issue where CPU wrestlers would freeze in the lock-up position after a match.
  • CPU wrestlers will no longer target a defeated wrestler.
  • Seconds can no longer make/receive CRITICAL attacks.
  • Fixed his detection when a wrestler is attacked on the upper right apron/by the upper-right ropes in venues with a horizontal entrance ramp.
  • Fixed issue where, when attacking an opponent slumped against the ropes, the wrestler would get distracted by nearby opponents and not carry out the attack.
  • Fixed issue where Second would continue attacking instead of returning to their corner in venues with a horizontal entrance ramp.
  • Fixed issue where the animation for run-up turnbuckle move animation would face the opposite direction if the opponent was in the extreme left or right corner.
  • Fixed issue in Battle Royal where, when playing multiple matches in a row, some wrestlers would try to leave the ring before the match began.
  • Adjusted volume of footstep SFX outside of ring.

We recommend you back up your save data before updating.


[DLC Schedule]

Fire Promoter: February 27, 2019

We will release more information about upcoming DLC content and release dates in the future.


Patch Release Notes (1.08):

*NOTE: Version number now consistent across all regions.

Fixed issue where wrestler's theme would not play after a match.

The following moves were added:
ECorner-to-Center Attack (BIG): Running Elbow Butt
EFront Grapple (SML): Jigoku-Tsuki B
EFront Grapple (MED): Mongolian Chop B
EFront Grapple (BIG): Striking Double Arm Suplex
EBack Grapple (MED): 1-Hand Backbreaker B
EOpponent Down - Face Up, Near Head: Twisting Chin Lock
EOpponent Down - Face Up, Near Head: Falling Fist Drop
EOpponent Down - Face Up, Near Legs: Falling Fist Drop
EOpponent Down - Face Down, Near Head: Sitting Super Kick

Patch Release Notes (1.05):

>Adjustments made to online play.
 *Match types with multiple rounds have been temporarily limited to one round. This affects:
  -SWA Rules Match
 -Gruesome Fighting
 -S-1 Rules Match

Patch Release Notes (1.04):

  • Reduced lag during online battles.
    • Please note only 2 player mode is currently playable.
    • 3 to 4 player modes are currently being worked on. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience during this time.
  • New moves have been added.
    • [Back B] Cross Arm Suplex to Kamigoye
    • [Face-up Legs A/B] Torture Texas Clover Hold
  • Fixed a bug that didn't display renamed move names in Fighting Road.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed certain parts incorrectly in Wrestler Edit Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where wrestlers behaved strangely during strike contests.
  • Edited the information text displayed on the bottom of the screen.
  • Optimized some game data.

Patch Release Notes (1.03):

  • Improves framerate during offline matches

Day 1 Patch Release Notes (1.02):

  • Unlocks FPW NET
  • Fixes issues surrounding the Story Mode
  • Fixes an issue where the number of Edit Wrestlers multiply for no reason
  • Fixes game hang ups due to the increased number of registered wrestlers
  • Fixes minor screen hiccups and lags during the gameplay
  • Fixes other minor issues
  • Fixes the following bugs:
    • Teams multiply when installing DLC.
    • Wrestlers multiply when subscribing to multiple custom wrestlers.
    • An error occurs when saving after uninstalling a wrestler.
    • The game sometimes does not go to the result screen after an online match.
    • Edited Special Moves are not reflected while playing Fighting Road.

Future Bug Fixes
For current bugs, we are actively working on fixes.


If these issues still occur after installing the patch, please follow the steps below to re-install the patch.

How to Re-install the Patch
1. Confirm that FPWW is closed.
2. On the PS4 home menu, select Settings > Application Save Data > Save Data in Storage > Delete.
This will delete current FPWW save data.
3. Confirm the latest patch is installed. While the FPWW icon is selected on the PS4 home menu, press the Options button > Check for Update.
4. Launch FPWW.

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