Celebrate Valentine’s Day with #myspikechunsoftvalentine2020!!

By sceditor on January 28, 2020 10:35 AM

Valentine's Day is coming up!

Why not send a card to your favorite Spike Chunsoft character? Create a Valentine's Day card and post it with the hashtag #myspikechunsoftvalentine2020! You might even hear back from your Valentine...

This Valentine's Day Fan Art event can be found on Twitter and Instagram!


  • All of the Valentines posted on Twitter using the hashtag #myspikechunsoftvalentine2020 will be collected on our Twitter list. We will share the Twitter list on our Twitter account (@SpikeChunsoft_e) on Valentine's Day 2/14.
  • Please note that we may retweet your Valentines on our Twitter account. Please make sure to post only if you are okay with that!


  • Valentines posted on Instagram using this hashtag #myspikechunsoftvalentine2020 may be shared on our Instagram Stories (spike_chunsoft_e). Please make sure to post only if you are okay with that!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Valentines must feature characters from Spike Chunsoft games. Go to Spike Chunsoft, Inc.'s website to see the title lineup.
  • Original art is highly encouraged.
  • Please make sure that your Valentine is safe for work. (nothing too sexy...)

Our favorites from Twitter and Instagram will be selected by Spike Chunsoft members on 2/19.

We hope to see your Valentine's Day card!


By the way, 3/14 is White Day...

In Japan and some other Asian countries, White Day is the day when a person who received items on Valentine's Day gives back a gift. Post your Valentines with the hashtag #myspikechunsoftvalentine2020 and you might hear back from your favorite character on White Day!