Spike Chunsoft, Inc. Announces Real-Time Mystery “Hidden Bats”

By sceditor on May 8, 2022 5:59 PM

Spike Chunsoft, Inc. today announced "Hidden Bats" a real-time mystery, and is inviting players to help solve missing persons cases as they unfold in real-time on Twitter and other sites.

Solve the Mystery: Hidden Bats
Communicate with two missing persons to save them.

Missing Persons
The missing persons have access to smartphones. These can only be used at a set time, once every two days for 21 minutes. The missing persons will be able to provide information and codes via Twitter. Once the information is provided, players must respond via Twitter with the proper password within two days to proceed.

1. Follow the official Twitter accounts of Hidden Bats and the two missing persons.
The official Twitter accounts of Hidden Bats and each of the two missing persons will provide information about the case, the missing persons themselves, and the mysterious images that serve as a code.

Hidden Bats Official Twitter Account

Name: Hidden Bats
Twitter: @HiddenBats






Missing Persons Twitter Accounts

Name: Aine Ichirai
Twitter: @Aine_Ichirai

Name: Binato Sotobara
Twitter: @Binato_Sotobara


2. Refer to the Sunaiku Foundation website for information on the missing persons cases.
The Sunaiku Foundation is an organization that provides support to bring missing persons cases to their resolution. The site includes information on cases involving Hidden Bats. The Sunaiku Foundation Official Site:  https://sunaiku-foundation.com/

3. Decipher the code based on a hint video to obtain a password.
Using video from a certain source as a hint, decipher the code presented by the missing persons.

4. Reply with the password to the missing person on Twitter
Send the correct password as a reply to the missing person on Twitter.